Android connection problems

My wife and I both use a Fairphone 4 running Android 13 to connect to Roon.

Both phones are having trouble to connect and to stay connected. We get ‘waiting for your roon core’ all the time. Sometimes it does connect after waiting a lot of time.

The strange thing is that other clients on MacOS or iOS connect without any problems.

Our network is a Ubiquiti Unifi network. I already tried some different settings like multicast, but it doesn’t help.

It seems to be a problem since one of the last updates. We didn’t encounter this issue before.

Hi @Paul_van_den_Berg,

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Roon Server Machine

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Ah sorry for that. I just connected my Nuc to the wired network and so far it does seem more stable. I’ll monitor it for a few days. If I’m still having problems, I’ll add the additional information


That’s good to hear, Roon do strongly recommend connecting the Roon Server machine to a fully wired network. WiFi can work but is often frustrating and time consuming when it doesn’t.

I’ll mark this topic as solved, but if you need further help on this send me message and I’ll reopen it.


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