Android device!

Hi can someone help me out here i have my core on a access point when i try to connect my android device on my main network it doesnt connect it only connects on the same access point which my roon core is connected what should i do?

By access point … Is that WiFi access point?

Can you be specific in the equipment you are using (make, model, connectivity).

Are all the devices on the same network subnet?

Does the router have any options on how it deals with multicast packets (used by Roon to discover other devices)?

yes i connect my core with wifi access point, i just bought a sonicorbiter and i see the sonicorbiter but i cant see my android phone, when my phone is connected to my main network where my music system is it doesnt come up only when i connect my phone to my access point where the core is.

Phones are by default hidden as an endpoint. Go into settings on the phone and uncheck private zone and you should be able to see it.