Android endpoint on Roon Essentials


I am not sure if I should be on the Elac forum but as everyone is so knowledgeable here I wanted to ask if an Android device can act as an endpoint Roon Essentials?

Many thanks in advance.

I don’t know for sure, however, it would be easy enough to test out. Just download Roon from the Android playstore, fire it up and see if it can see the Core.

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Hi that is my problem I have tried and I cannot find the Android device when clicking into the Audio zones options screen in the top right hand corner.

If you are on the Android Device, I think it sees itself as System Output. Other Roon installs will not see the Android device as Android devices are defaulted to be private zones, that can be changed in the settings of the Android device.

When I get home and on my network I can provide a screen shot.

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Thank you that would be great.

I have a Minix box (android), running airpin app, and turning on AirTunes, Roon Essentials sees it as an Apple TV (Roon tested) and its working fine.