Android font too small-stop waffling and fix it!

Hello, the font in android is way too small. So many previous posts about this but you still have made no attempt to address it. Please provide customer service, thanks so much.

No issues with the font size on my Pixel 3 XL, if anything slightly smaller would suffice!

What is the device and screen size Jon?

Can’t say I have ever felt that font is too small on any of the android phones or tablets I have used.

I have a recently purchased Huawei P20 Lite and I have Roon on it and would never consider it suitable as a full time remote. It is too small for that and for me the major benefit is being able to use the phone as an end point with its own control. My eyesight is good but I have sausage fingers that even struggle with my iPad Pro 9.7 sometimes so I have some sympathy here. But we also know UI changes are in the pipeline so let’s hope the bring some changes that benefit those of us who are less dexterous or have eyesight issues. Just a simplified UI for accessibility would be good.

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Samsung s8

Same screen size as my Huawei.

I don’t have a problem with my OnePlus 5T

Yeah, the fonts are too small on my Fire HD8, too. Roon seems to ignore the Android font-size setting, as well.

If it were adjustable sonit would work for people with different abilities that would be ideal. I realize that some can see better than others. It’s reasonable to expect the ui to adapt to different users, right?


My goal was not to start a forum to gather the opinions of others about whether or not the font size is too small in their opinion. I know it’s too small to have good usability for me, and. my point was that for $120 per year Roon should make some effort to make it possible to scale fonts. Something that other app developers do all the time. That is all.

It’s reasonable to expect text in the app to be legible, of course.

That said, there are some technical considerations here. Roon’s UI engine is something we built in house, and it’s designed to take cues from the operating system and device you’re using when calculating text size.

That means that it should scale properly on a variety of devices, but it also means Roon can’t take advantage of a given operating system’s built in accessibility or scaling festures – if we want custom text scaling within the app we have to build it ourselves, from scratch.

Also, keep in mind that Roon’s interface works in a number of different languages, so the same button that says “Playlists” in English may need to hold a much larger piece of text in other languages. Point being, making text resizable in Roon is a really big project, and not one we hear requested very often.

None of this is to say the phone app shouldn’t be legible, and if you’re having trouble in Roon but not in other apps, the most likely reason is that Roon isn’t understanding the size or resolution of your device. It sounds like you’re using a Samsung S8, but a screenshot of what you’re seeing (and which text you’re having trouble reading) would help us investigate further.

The @support team can help you get that screenshot and info into a ticket for the Dev team, and we can see what’s possible here. Some solutions (like fully customizable text size) are going to be really tricky for us to make commitments about, but others (like fixing detection issues on a specific phone) may be trivial.

Hopefully we can improve this for you @Jon_Belak, and in any event, thanks for the feedback here.

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Thanks for the detailed response. I do realize that continuous scaling of the detailed screen that roon presents wouldn’t be possible, but what about a two step scaling as a setting within the app with just the track names at the larger scaling? Screenshot attached. Legible under ideal conditions but not outside, etc. This is unrelated to the issue at hand, but note how the results displayed are in a language I can’t identify. So yes, I did know that you must supply results in different languages.

I was looking for the Lorna Bennet song, BTW, not that crappy German boy band…

Hi @Jon_Belak,

Thanks for sharing the screenshot with us. I’ll pass this information along to the team so we can discuss the possibilities here. I’ll be sure to reach out to you here as soon as I’ve received the team’s feedback.

I have just gotten a new iPhone ES
The text on the screen has become very small
So I wonder if a solution to the subject topic has been delivered?
Br Erik.