Android keyboard disappears

Same problem here. Just spent the day setting up Rock on a NUC. Using a Samsung Tab S4. Android 8.1.

Hi @Andrew_Watters,

Can you verify what version of Roon the device is running?

If you reinstall the app is there any change?

Are you using full screen mode?

Hi Dylan, thanks for your reply.

The version on the tablet is 1.6 (build 416).
Re-installing does not change this behaviour.
There isn’t a full screen mode in the settings. Searched the settings to double check. And to confirm, that with Roon open, I can still see the status bar.

Selecting search, the search box appears hovering above the app. The keyboard appears. Both disappear after a moment.

Hi @Andrew_Watters,

Can you confirm what keyboard you’re using with this device? If you use the standard Google keyboard, do things work okay?

Good news, this is now working. Just received an OS update from Samsung. And this has fixed the problem. Thank you for your help.

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