Android keyboard to jump to letter?[Answered]

On the PC app, I can just type a letter from the keyboard and Roon will jump to the first artist starting with that letter. That feature would be really useful in the mobile apps too. I know I can select search and type a letter but Roon does not return a complete list of the artists (or song or album). Is there a way to do this on my phone/tablet that I am missing?

Hello @Tommy_Bui,

Thanks for your suggestion, we are working on the focus feature for the phone app (no timelines yet). So this issue will be addressed at some point.
On the tablet you can still use Focus or Alpha Navigation feature ( to enable it, check Setup tab in Settings)


Thank you Vova. However, on my Note 3 and Nexus 7, the alpha navigation option is not in settings like it is on the desktop app.

What is the res of your Nexus 7, 1280x800 ? Note 3 - are you talking about 5.7 inch phone or it’s a tablet, samsung has some many models :slight_smile:

I believe the resolution of the Nexus 7 is 1280 x 800. And the Note 3 I am talking about is the phone with the stylus.

That’s the reason why you don’t have an alpha navigation. DPI of those devices is to small for Roon to work in tablet mode.