Android Login screen, no keyboard

I just signed up for the Roon adventure. Got a one year membership to try it out. Initial setup comes with problems, alas:

I have:
Roonserver set up on a Synology ds918+ (shared folder RoonServer on an external usb-SSD)
Downloaded Roon app on my Samsung Note 9.
Run Roon App to connect to server. Roon App shows core to connect to.
Clicked ‘connect’ which brings me to a login screen.

But: when I tap the block beneath email to enter my credentials, the keyboard comes up for a split second, only to disappear immediately. Using the S-pen also does not help.

Help me! I just want to enjoy what I bought!

There was a thread on the forum about taking roon out of full screen mode allowed the keyboard to show, try that?

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Thank you, that did the trick!

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