Android mobile phone HTC One cannot see itself as zone

Version of roon: 1.6
Device using: HTC One O/S Anrdoid 5.0.2
Music stored on Dell Vostro 3559 O/S Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS SATA hard drive 320Gb where the Roon Core is installed.
2000 tracks more coming

I am trialling Roon at moment Very happy and will be taking out sub, esp as you now have Qobuz.
I have three Android devices happily working fine but the HTC One does not have itself as a zone? I can see the Nova fine but this is the only zone listed.

Phones by default are “hidden” zones. You need to go into the device settings and change the option called “Private Zone” to No.

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Does that not only affect the grouped playback, I am trying to control and output from the device on which the Roon Control s/ware sits. Apologies if I have misunderstood.
I have three Android phones two of which are playing nicely and one is not.

Hi @Paul_Langdon,

Can you try reinstalling the Roon Remote app on your HTC One to see if that helps?

– Noris

Done. No difference.
But went to settings/audio then enabled HTC One. Now appears.Might have success.
Thanks for the advice. Daniel put me into this really.

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