Android navigation bar hidden on now playing screen

I am experiencing this issue on the latest build (Roon Arc 1.0.4, Build 100075) on a Galaxy S21 Ultra. I can reproduce with the following steps:

  1. Open Roon Arc
  2. Play a track
  3. Tap the progress bar at the bottom to open the “now playing” screen
  4. Now playing screen opens, removing the bottom android navigation bar

It’s been this way since release for me on Samsung M52.

I’m sure there’s a feature suggestion thread knocking about somewhere to bring about an option to have this by choice.

I like the on-screen nav keys. It’s just remembering to swipe up a little to get them I forget.

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Yes same here. I should clarify this behavior has been here since the beginning as well. There was another thread the was closed as it seems the behavior improved for some phones/situations.

I still experience this on ARC 1.0.27 build 100092. Would it be possible to confirm that the bug is being tracked?