Android Nexus 7, Samsung Tab3, Samsung S7 Roon Essentials won't connect to ELAC DS S101-G

There seem to be multiple threads on this topic and I’m a) a new-b and b) not sure which thread to post what follows. If it can be moved/copied to a better thread, I’m all for it.

Sept 24, 2018
I installed the ELAC dac; downloaded the latest firmware; installed the standard Roon remote producing “troubling times”. First the Roon remote said I had Essentials and must use that - note, it knew I had Essentials.

The ELAC dac is Cat-5 connected to an ASUS router which
After installing Roon Essentials on the Nexus, I was occasionally able to connect the Nexus tablet early on (1 week ago) with dropout issues. Now it and the other listed devices all get stuck on the “looking for core” screen.

When the Nexus tablet would connect, it would be slow to respond and have dropout issues. The signal near the dac was not full strength, but the same problem happens when I’m right next to the router.

I installed the Roon Essentials for PC and it connects immediately - the PC is cat-5 connected.

The router is an ASUS RT-AC 1200 dual-band router with the latest firmware - an ASUS remote-tech helped with downloading and installation.

The Nexus 7 tablet has the following “about”
Nexus 7
Android Version
Security patch level
August 5 2016
Kernal Version
3.4.0-gad29d11 #1
Sat Jul 2 00.00.53 UTC 2016
Build number

Some thoughts:
I’ve written instruction-level software since the early '60s including a fair amount of “nucleus” code where machine interrupts need managing.

Since the essentials and roon remotes have the same issue they most likely share the same connection code. When problems like this are intermittent the likely causes are timing issues with recursion sometimes mixed in; i.e. the bug is there, it’s just sometimes you get lucky and don’t get caught. It also appears to be in the normal communication code, not the signon portion or lucky signons would then be past the roadblock.

My current work-around is to find an IOS device that will connect and declare it “the remote”.

Google might be a stronger ally as this is just the complaint of the google-verse vs apple.

Keeping fingers crossed…

I just looked at the summary of year-1 QUITE IMPRESSIVE. I like the Roon interface and certainly hope (as I’m sure others do) that the connection issue gets fixed.

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