Android not connecting to another android

I have just trial installed Roon server onto my QNAP (is this the same as Roon core?)
I have 2 mobile devices (android) and 1 PC on the same network that can see the collection and all accompanying devices (but not in the zones, however in setup they can see each other). Each android phone can playback on itself and the PC but the individual android phones cannot playback on each other as they do not detect the other android phone as another zone. Wheres the issue?

Hi Varun,

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If you go into Settings > Audio, click on the gear icon next to the phone and select Device Setup. From there you should see Private Zone. If you click it to No, the other Roon Remote devices should see the phone and and play to it.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

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Thanks Greg, worked like a charm!

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