Android phone app freezing when switching away then back

I’ve seen numerous posts about this searching back over the last few years, but there doesn’t seem to be an answer or acknowledgement…

Within the past month I’ve noticed that on my Android phone (Sony Xperia 1iii running Android 12) the Roon app freezes when both of these things are true:

  • I cast to a Chromecast Audio device
  • I switch away from the Roon app to the celltop or other app and then switch back
    The music continues to play and I can control playback and volume using the Google Home app, but the only way to reengage Roon is to kill the frozen Roon app and restart it.

This is very repeatable, and does not happen on the android tablets that I have. (I can test with another Android phone later this week if that would help.)

Using OnePlus Nord with Android 12 here and no such problem - just as a data point…

Raise it in the support area and fill in the system information requested.

I have the same issue on an Amazon Fire HD10+. Usually just takes me closing the app to fix it.

I suspect that the OS is putting the app to sleep. In some way.

Excellent. Thanke

Yep, I will. Just want to see if I am the only one first. If it’s just me I’ll try to diagnose a bit further.

The Xperia line is a little different from most other Android devices in that the screen is a 21:9 aspect ratio. Wondering if that’s part of the issue.

Rob a OnePlus 9 pro user here.
I have it set to be excluded from battery/memory management and locked into memory as it is one of my most used apps.

I still get this a few times a month, but probably stable for 99.999% of my usage.
Take a look at the app options on your phone and see what is available, as it’s possible that it is being swapped out of memory or put into non active mode. You would be looking for battery optimisation options would be my guess

I suffer this problem with wy iPhone and iPad as well.


Thanks for this!

My Amazon Fire closes the app seemingly at random at least once or twice every hour of use.
I also use a Samsung phone and tablet and these are 100% stable