Android Phone App v1.2 features

This morning I woke up and received an roon update message, an experience which resembled christmas :wink:

Aside from the amazing updates in 1.2, I immediately installed roon on my Nexus 6p. After using it extensively I noticed 3 things, which might be coming in a future release:

  1. Tidal is not integrated in the menu, not allowing me to browser tidal within the Roon app. However, when searching music, I have access to the tidal library as well. Given that I browse Tidal library a lot for new recommended albums, it is very inconvenient that I can only do this on the Tablet App only or within the Tidal App.
  2. Internet Radio cannot be setup on the remote devices. As I am only running RoonServer and RoonRemote on Nexus 9 and Nexus 6p, I currently have no option to setup Internet Radio
  3. When using Roon for Music Playback on my devices including the NExus 6p, the lock screen does not show that music is playing, which is a basic feature offered but all the streaming apps out there.

Any chance this 3 noted above will be coming to Roon App in a future release?

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This should be configurable on the Nexus 9 (but not the 6P) right now.

The other two issues are on our radar.

Just put Roon on my Motorola Moto G3 phone. 2gbram and it works a treat. Great work. :sunglasses:

Really great Android app … my new standard interface for Roon. To me iPad Mini I say: Bye, Felcia! :sunglasses:

Similar questton about the ability to define grouped/linked zones (per [KB]) from the Android phone app. Is this possible from the RoonRemote?

Along these lines, is there a KB or forum post that details the features on the phone RoonRemote which exist on the other “platforms” but haven’t yet been added to the phone apps? I’m not sure how long that list is, but I bet the important ones are already work items in your backlog :slight_smile:

Looks absolutely gorgeous on my Note 4.
Loving the UX too … granted this is based on using it for only 30 mins, boy I’m very impressed.

Thanks for all the hard work on all the great stuff in v1.2.

Wanted to let you know that running Android app on Nexus 6P, everything is working as expected.
However, I also have a Pioneer XDP-100R that is running Lollipop 5.1.1 and their latest Firmware updated.
When I am playing anything, the random, repeat and more buttons are there, but unresponsive. I even tried using a thin stylus, to make sure it wasn’t my fat fingers. It has a 4.7in screen w/ 1280 x 720 resolution.
Any reason that this doesn’t work as it does on other devices and screens?

Coincidentally, someone on our team just got one of these! We’re going to take a look.

Thanks for the report!

The device is awesome! I know they will enjoy it.

Please let me know if you need any other information. Not having Random play capabilities is a bummer :wink:

I can confirm the non responsive buttons as reported.

On a Sony Z1 compact with android 5.1.1 for me.

Roon 1.2 (Build 142)
“Fixed an issue calculating screen resolution on certain Android devices, such as Pioneer XDP-100R”

I love you guys :joy: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thanks. Appreciate having shuffle mode now.

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Fix working for my Sony Z5 compact too. Big thank you for your hard work!

Is there any way to make an Nvidia Shield Tablet run the tablet rather than the phone version?