Android phone, Mojo & ARC

Unfortunately my Mojo (1) DAC was stolen just before ARC offered USB DAC support. Before replacing it I want to know whether Mojo and ARC work well together.

I borrowed a friend’s Mojo (1) and failed to get ARC to pass audio through it. All I did was connect phone USB C to Mojo micro USB and ‘Enable USB Driver BETA’ in ARC 106. Audio still played through phone speaker and Mojo’s power/sampling rate LED remained off. I tried with and without OTG cable. What did I not do properly?

Anyone know anyone who’s used Chord Mojo with Android & ARC successfully?

In case anyone else is interested, I obtained a Chord Mojo1 but I haven’t managed to use it with ARC.

I’ll sell it on and try to find a different DAC that works. Might try a Mojo 2.