Androïd player with Tidal integration

Happy new year guys !
Waiting for Roon remote to allow us to stream our Tidal collection on the go, I’m looking for a good android music player with a Tidal integration for my Fiio X5iii. I hate Tidal’s app…
Does such a thing exist ?
My best,

Fantastic player Vincent.
There is a small fee of a few pounds but it really is a great app which is under constant development.

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Thanks Wayne ! It is indeed a very good player and I’ll sure keep it !
But it’s not exactly what I meant : USB APP does support Tidal but the display is quite the same as the original app… I’m looking for a clearer way to display artists… Pretty much as a regular app would do : Artist --> Albums --> Tracks.
Anyone ?

I have exactly the same question, contemplating the purchase of a Fiio player but only if there is an app that can integrate Tidal tracks with other music stored on the device - just like Roon does. So far no luck looking around.