Android Q breaks Roon as a remote

(Christopher Ose) #1

I updated my Pixel2 to Android Q as they are typically pretty stable once they hit the public beta periods. The only issue I’m running into is that Roon no longer works with Android Q. It starts up, but I can’t get past the black screen with the ROON logo.

(Henry) #2

Remove and reload Roon from the device and see what happens.

(Christopher Ose) #3

Same thing unfortunately.

(Jason Henry) #4

Yup, same thing here. Also broke the app for my networked AVR. 1st Gen Pixel…

(Henry) #5

@support, I think this might be something the dev team need to look at?


Fortunately Q is still in beta with plenty of time for the Roon dev team to get things working in anticipation of GA this fall.

(Roel) #7

Same problem here after updating my Pixel 3 to Q. Almost all of my other apps work without any real issues. Only Roon won’t start and that is one of the apps i use a lot. Thankfully the Lumin app works so i can play my music but that is no Roon.

Hopefully there will be an update soon that fixes this issues even though it is just a beta (that has been released only a few days ago).