Android remote app doesn't work

The android app doesn’t work.

I’ve got a variety of phones and tablets acting as remotes for my Nucleus Core. All the android devices have connection issues in that they regularly don’t connect and drop out. This happens even when I’ve input the IP address. Devices are Samsung Note 20, Note 9, Tab A.

In comparison the iOS devices (iPhone 8 and iPad Pro) and Windows Laptops have no issues whatsoever.

I’ve already confirmed the network is working fine and have no issues with connecting to any other devices on my network.

Unfortunately for me, my personal devices are all android, which makes the Nucleus a very pretty brick next to my hifi. Other than selling it, has anyone got any suggestions?

Hi @Alex_Benson, sorry to hear you’re having issues. This feels as though it’s connected to this issue:

While it’s mostly Huawei devices there was a Samsung owner having the same issue. I suspect it’s something to do with a particular wireless device (in the phone) or a particular software implementation, also on the phone/tablet.

I’m moving the post to the Support category where it’ll be easier for them to find it and help you. Unfortunately I’m not support, just another user.

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Thanks Killdozer.

Based on the number of reviews on the Google Play store highlighting the same issue, and that it happens across multiple types of device, I suspect it is more systemic than just down to a specific wireless device.

I’d agree to a point, but I use my Pixel 5 as my main remote with no issues so it’s not cut and dried either. Remember the Android store reviews will include folk who had any network issue, not this particular one.


There are a few thread’s that should help you.
I will post them for you to have a review.

Look at the option where it sets the IP address manually.

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Alex I am going to agree with Carl (while completely accepting that there are issues for some setups) all the devices in my house (bar one iPad Pro) are Android and all work perfectly. There are some known issues with some routers that cause issues, but first off we should see if we can get your phone working.
Another thread below that helped a couple of other users who could not connect.

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Instead of the ser we IP,. Use

Thanks for all the advice in these posts.


  • reserved an ip address for the roon core and all the remotes
  • made sure randomised MAC address setting was turned off on the android devices (already was off for 2 of the 3 devices)
  • turned off battery optimisation on the android devices

Since doing that it hasn’t had any connection issues and only got stuck on the roon loading screen once, so does seem to be more stable.


Alex hopefully it continues to work that way :+1:t2:

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