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Using an Acer 5 windows10 laptop connected by ethernet, streaming Tidal and qobuz to Kef lsx. Sounds great, makes me happy. I use my android phone as a remote and when it works it’s fine. But once in a while it crashes, losing internet and telling me to connect to my network. When I look in my settings I see that
the “accept connections from remote” has turned itself off. Switching to yes, the remote is immediately live. Doesn’t happen all the time but 3x in an afternoon is annoying.
Any thoughts?
Thanx, Keiv

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Hey @keiv_ginsberg,

Thanks so much for sharing this and sorry about the trouble… :sweat:

Have you tried rebooting your Roon Core (Quit Roon, Shut down your laptop, unplugging it for a few minutes, plugging it back in, turning it on and launching Roon) as well as uninstalling the Roon Remote app on your Android, restarting the phone, turning it back on and reinstalling the Roon Remote app?

Thanks Rebeka,
It’s such a random occurence that I’ll wait til it happens again and then try your suggestions. I have closed out roon core to no avail. It’s weird…sometimes when remote crashes the remote access switch is off and sometimes it’s on. If it’s on then switching off and on restores the remote. Next time it happens I’ll try your fixes.

Hi @keiv_ginsberg, I just wanted to check and see how things have gone since the last update. Thanks!

So far so good. I recently moved my core laptop closer to direct etherernet access. That removed all static and stuttering from my headphone rig which I incorrectly blamed on windows 10.
Thanks for checking.

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