Android Remote - ZERO Contrast on Dark Mode

Hello - reporting a bug with support tag is a lot of work - so pls let me ask you here see if there is a solution.

As a Linux User, I given that Roon does not provide a Linux Roon Remote (even if they should, if only to support the platform that gives them so much) , I rely on the Android Remote. I prefer Dark Mode - Dark Mode is the best thing that ever happened to UI design. HOWEVER

At least on my Tablet, a Lenovo Tab M10 Plus, the Roon Remote Dark Mode has absolutely no contrast in the color choice. It seems ALL BLACK - I can barely make out some thin lines, but that is not enough, it seems like a wall of text on an all black background. Have tried light mode… but well, there is a reason I prefer Dark mode. There should be more use of gray, rather than relying ONLY on those thin lines to define areas

Has anyone experienced this? Is this exclusive to the Android Remote. I have used the MacOS X Remote and there seems to be a lot of gray.

Of course I tried changing color temperature and using the bright palette. Same result. Even tried to use the color correction accessibility modes. Same result, colors look weird to me, so I least I know I have no color disabilities, but Roon Remote doesn’t budge. Still looks a full on, all over black background with no contrast to define screen areas.

I know this is kind of subjective, reason I wanted to ask first to see if I am missing anything, before opening an actual support request.



Dark mode on my Android tablet, not sure what you are describing, perhaps a screen shot for comparison

Will do - but just to update before I take the screenshot - those slightly lighter gray boxes? In my tablet just look black - no difference from the background - but you kindly answered my question - problem might be on my end



Here’s the screenshot of my home screen

For example your stat boxes are waay more “grayer” in your screenshot - better contrast… they are actually boxes…

Another one:

Transport on the bottom should be gray - here looks black… no contrast with rest of screen…

Hopefully it shows… maybe something wrong with the tablet - I have adjusted brightness, color mode, etc, no dice…


I am having the same issue on Sony WM1AM2 with Android 11. Very poor image and it’s only with the roon app. Roon arc looks normal.