Android Roon Remote not connecting... stuck at 'initializing'

Everything was working fine till this morning. Then suddenly my Roon Remote app on Android does not connect to my Roon Core (I have the latest version installed on my QNAP server and the latest app version on Android)… the Roon app detects my core and and ‘initializing…’ status but that’s all.
Funilly enough I can connect using Roon Remote on iOS and using Roon on MacOSX.
Have rebooted the phone, reinstalled the app, rebooted the wifi… to no avail.
Help anyone ?..


Rebooted the core?

yes, but no luck either

Btw it looks like others have intermittenlty the same issue. see Server shows "initializing" - Android app can't connect

Long recent thread here. No fix so far.

Yeah, have been having the same problem connecting to core by my android phone. Any solution yet?

Just hit that problem too, seems to have been triggered by me restarting my WIFI network. Restarting the tablet after restarting the core seems to have fixed it.