Android tablet display issue

  • Fix tablet vs. phone detection on small tablets

Not on my Huawei tablet BTV-W09. Keeps in potrait mode.
The respons of app is in any case better.

Hi @Frank_Nickel,

Can you confirm what the scaling settings are set to for this device?

High Dylan

the resolution is 1600 * 2560

Hi @Frank_Nickel,

Are there any App Scaling or other scaling settings in the Display Settings for this device? Anything that would change the size of text displayed?

Yessssssss, got it.
Didn’t even know that there was an option for scaling.
I changed to small letters and now it’s in landscape mode.

Nice one, Dylan!

Hi @Frank_Nickel,

I’m glad that things are working for you now! Can you share a screenshot of what the setting is that you changed on the device so we can take a closer look?


Hi Dylan.

here is the screenshot. I’ve set the lettersize to small. That did the trick.

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