Android tablet losing connection to Roon Core

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10 on NUC7i7BNB running core and HQ Player. Roon version 1.6 build 416

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Internet via BT Smart Hub 2 and BT Whole Home Wi-Fi (2 x Mesh disks)

Ethernet around house from Smart Hub to core (music stored on Synology 918+ NAS) from core > Netgear switch GS105UK > patch box > Ethernet > to a series of switches depending on endpoint, all Netgear switches.

Roon controlled by a series of Android devices. Galaxy S10, S7 but primarily a Huawei Mediapad M5 tablet.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

End points - all hardwired via ethernet

Allo USBridge into Mytek Libery DAC - Lounge - front of house
Allo Digione into Arcam irDACII - office - middle of house
Sonos Play 1 - kitchen - back of house

Description Of Issue

I like to control Roon generally with the Huawei tablet sitting in my lounge on my main endpoint at the front of my house. My house is quite long and thin, the internet comes into the front of the house into the BT Smart Hub 2. I then have two BT disks which go back through the house to provide wifi cover, one in the office, one in the kitchen. The issue is generally in the front of my house, about 10 feet from the BT Smart Hub 2. The Roon app on the tablet loses connection to the core and will just keep trying to connect unsuccessfully. If I get up and walk to the middle of the house, restart the wifi on the tablet and restart the Roon app then Roon will generally connect again. It appears to me that Roon loses connection to the BT Smart Hub 2 and then won’t reconnect. If its connected to one of the disks, then its generally no problem. The problem is also intermittent and been going on for a few months.

Any ideas as this can be really frustrating to keep losing connection?

Hi @tahsu,

Thanks for reaching out to us here. I am looking through the details you posted and have a few follow-up questions:

  1. Does only the Huawei Mediapad display this behavior or do the other remotes display this as well (when they are in the front of the house)?

  2. This seems like it would be related to the multicast implementation on your BT Hub 2. In the past, we have seen similar issues be resolved by checking IGMP Snooping/Proxying and toggling these settings on the router. Does your BT Hub 2 by any chance contain these options?

  3. IS the BT Hub up to date on newest firmware? I wonder if there is perhaps any multicast issues with older firmware of the router.

  4. If you have another PC around the house and can run Roon Remote on it, can you confirm if the same issue occurs when connected to the front of the house? I would use WiFi as a test (since the other remotes use WiFi as well) and then if WiFi has the same issue it would be interesting to know if Ethernet does as well.

Thanks for the help. In answer to your questions.

I have just experienced the same behaviour with our Hudl 2 tablet, so it’s not just the Huawei.

I have just had a Google around and then checked all the settings myself and can’t see anything relating to these settings.

Yes, I believe so.

Yes, I have checked on my desktop and I have never had this behaviour via Ethernet.

I am not sure these responses help much, is there anything else I can check?

Hi @tahsu,

Thanks for confirming the above. I would next check the following:

  1. Is there any change in behavior if you reinstall the Roon Remote apps on the affected Android devices?

  2. I have done a bit of research and other BT Hub 2 users resolved similar behavior by disabling “Smart Setup” (see: This BT thread). Does disabling this setting help?

  3. We can take a look at diagnostics to see if perhaps there are any other clues. Can you please let me know the exact local time + date in your country when the next disconnect behavior occurs (e.g. 9:39Pm on 8/5/19( and what Roon Remote you are using at the time?

I am having a few delays installing a UPS and then getting HQ Player to ‘see’ the endpoint. Once these are sorted I will go through the list. Thanks.

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Hi @noris,

I have partially gone through the list.

No, no change, I reinstalled and still had the same behaviour.

I am not sure they are talking about the same router. Mine is here. Regardless I have disabled Smart Setup.

I will do this next time I get the behaviour.

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Hi @tahsu,

Thanks for checking that aspect. When you next get into this state please do let me know the timestamp so I can check logs.

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