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I have been using Roon successfully on my Android (Nvidia shield) tablet in full mode. Unfortunately, now when I try to enter text (eg for search) the virtual keyboard flashes on the screen for an instant and then disappears. This affects all text input

It looks as though the use of the virtual keyboard means that Android is temporarily brought out of fullsceen mode (required for Roon to run) as the virtual home, application switch and back buttons momentarily appear at the bottom of the screen before the keyboard disappears.

Roon is the only app that seems to have this problem. Are you requiring the virtual buttons to appear? Is there an option to bring the virtual keyboard up without the buttons?

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I am having the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ phone, but not on my Asus ZenPad 3S 10 tablet.

Same here with an Android 6 Tablet

Me too (Samsung S9 Plus and Galaxy tab 3)

Hi, I use immersive mode (Full screen, no top or bottom bars at all, just the actual program) in my android tablet when in Roon (not only, I use it almost all time, with all programs, but also). I set it with Tasker+AutoTools App. Looks simply great… but there is a little annoyance: The search button in Roon, the one that open the dialog to type the search, don´t work when in immersive mode (with no notification bar on the top and no navigation bar on the bottom). All other program I´ve tested, when pressing the button that opens the keyboard to search or whatever, works perfectly in immersive display.

Just lo let you know. MAy be you can have a look to the issue?

Thanks a lot! (the new Display feature in Roon is simply great)

Thanks for the report here!

Can you all please confirm whether or not you are using Immersive/Full Screen mode on your Android device for Roon? If you disable this is there any change in behavior here?

I am using full screen mode (immersive) - it’s great. How do I disable it? Roon defaults to immersive and says I need to go full screen.

Hi Dylan, the problem is there when in immersive-full screen mode. If I turn off the Immersive mode, then it works ok.

Unhiding the Status/Navigation bar on the Samsung Galaxy s9+ resolves the text entry issue.

This does not work for me as Roon will not work in immersive mode unless the status / nav bar is hidden (message that Roon needs to be fullsceen)

Hi Dylan,
I don’t use the immersive mode feature

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