Android TV as endpoint

I’ve notice a lot of android tvs coming out, while tidal and Spotify is already available roon is not.

I already have my tcl connected to my setups and having roon in it would be awesome.

Since you already have android versions I’d think this would be an easy fix…

If your Android TV has Chromecast built in then it is already an endpoint. Alternatively, a £35 Chromecast dongle plugged into a spare HDMI socket will make it an endpoint.

I’ve successfully side-loaded Roon Android versions to a Minix at the beginning of my Roon experience. it was fun tinkering and looked great on the TV screen. Everything worked fine, air mouse and all, except the fan noise! You should give it a try!

How did you get it to display in landscape mode? Mine only shows in portrait, rendering it pretty useless!