Android Wear app?

Hello all !

I was delighted to see that I can remote control Roon from my watch (see picture) when Roon app il launched on my phone, by standard Wear media control. Play/pause, next/previous track, and even time bar progression (around the watch). But this is 75% satisfying, not 100%. What are the 25% ?

  • We have to manually launch Roon app on phone if playing was launched by another client
  • Also, for example, if one pause playing by another client, this is not reflected on watch, which still display “pause” sign, and not “play”)

If there were a dedicated Wear app, wich directly talks to Core, these problems would disappear. And it could display Roon specific informations. I know : this is probably too much work for 25%, but maybe not ?

Not much users of Android Wear out there !

By the way, another issue with the generic media controler, which could be solved by a dedicated app : after a time, the Roon app in the smartphone goes to sleep and no longer refreshes the watch display (wrong track title etc…).

I know. I am the only guy in the universe to have an interest in this topic, but I have some findings to share, just in case Roon is reading. Perhaps there is only some elementary changes to do in the Roon android application to do.

In fact, the standard Wear media controler MIGHT be enough. Other android media application, like Qobuz, Pocket Cast etc… have no problem with Wear media controller. I recall : with Roon, Wear media controller does not stay connected. After a while, the Wear media controller does not reflect current track and deconnects from the app.

The difference is maybe that other applications OUTPUT MUSIC on the device. Roon application does not output music, just control music. Maybe if Roon android app can output a fake audio stream, or something like that, the Wear controller will stay connected ? I feel we are not far of the goal.

Thanks for listening

For virtual people who may be interested by this topic, I achieved to (sort of) good functionning of the generic Wear media player. The Roon app on the phone have to stay with screen on. Keeping it out of background or sleep is not sufficient.

So, I downloaded from Android store an app to keep screen on for selected application. This works, the Wear app keeps tracks and stay connected. I definitly feel that Roon android app is not far away to work with generic Wear media player, but neither Roon or his community is interested, so…

My last post here, I promise.

I’ve found a better way to have the Wear media player working (sort of). I GROUP my Android phone zone to my main zone, and plays to this group. When roon Android app is busy as a zone, the watch stays connected. I have, of course, to set volume to 0 an my phone.

Thanks for helping :wink: