Android widget/lock screen


I can select the Roon widget in Android but it’s doing nothing.
Also ‘i think i already see this request’ but it’s almost a crucial part of listening to digital music and that’s easy play/pause/volume and skip a song.
All other Android players (Sonos/BubbleUpnp/even stock music players) have the ability to use these basic functions from the lock screen (or widget) and therefore also on Android watch/ Samsung Gear watch…

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Yes please


Now Roon 1.3 is release, I hope you will be able to look at these improvements.


Yes and yes! See this thread for a similar request:

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I’m not even seeing a widget option … but would love all of this. please.


So it’s bad enough we have to use Android phone to control Roon on Linux, now we have to pick it up, unlock it, open to Roon app (always says lost connection before it loads anything), open up the playing track from bottom > Press skip.

Seriously, have you guys never heard of UX???

If you make it this difficult at least put basic damn controls on the lock screen ffs.

Omg you don’t even have media controls in notifications area, you want my money? try harder.