Android wont connect to roon core because its software is out of date but google play says its the latest versio

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC 1.8 880 stable

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wifi & ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

4 RPis iPad, 2 Windows, Android

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Android client says Roon client is trying to connect Software Update Needed Core has1.8 build 880 green check and phone says 1.8 build 831 check for update click on google play and it says it is the latest

It is really hard to be patient with this. Roon is a premium product as such I expect safe release processes that block updating the core until the clients are all available. I am assuming my Android client will update tonight sometime but this keeps me from using roon in my studio. When I am learning songs I want my key board and roon in the same place so tonight I cannot learn. Given I only get a few hours a week to play it is very frustrating to have a completely avoidable error that I cannot fix.


same here. No music for me. I cannot update my Android remote :unamused:

Cell Phone update works. Both Tablet (Samsung S5) and Cell Phone run on Android 11.

Now the tablet updated too :man_shrugging: Anyway, thx. Should have waited a bit longer I guess.

Obviously Play Store a bit slow on the refresh, Apple was there when I tried 2 hrs ago but not Play Store

Wait :weary:

@Todd_Haugen Are you back up and running as well?

I am but it still is frustrating that Roon does not have a safe deploy process that avoids these problems. I get so few opportunities to practice in my studio that missing a night was sad. Thank you for reaching out - Todd

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