androidTV not 96khz or 192khz output

Hi I understand that Roon limited ti 48khz. Why? I want the best quallity on my Formuler GTV (almost like Shield). I have a lot of flacs with 96khZ. But I can not stream it to my GTV in the highest quallity. I connected a DAC to the GTV who supports all hi-res. By the way I am running the server on my pc.
Please give better support to devices like the Shield en GTV (androidTV).

Roon on all Android devices used the standard Android mixer to determine what audio is supported. Stereo is 48/24 on Android for most devices and this is what it’s reporting back to Roon. If using Chromecast it’s limited to 48/24 for video devices as that’s what they report back they support.

I solved this issue with:

There are less expensive options, but for my particular use case, the KTE SU-2 was a perfect solution.


Wrong thread Vince? No DAC on Android will make Roon send out any higher res.

Argh! I misread what @Tecko71 was after. I will humbly back out of the room slowly…


With the collar of shame on!! :slight_smile:


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Than I think it is limited because of chromecast built-in. Maybe better to use a network player. It is not so nice that I can not use Roon to the max. Only when I buy an very expensive Roon device.

I have the sollution. Install Roon remote apk on nvidia shield. Put in settings the private zone option to off and you can controll the shield with windows remote or android remote app.