Ane Brun - Artist View does not show Qobuz albums

Executing a search for Ane Brun provides the following results:

Albums are shown in Albums section.

When I click on Ane Brun - Artist , the following screen is displayed:

Here Ane Brun is shown as a composer (compositions only), album view is completely missing (no allbums ans singles)


I get. Works if I use top selection or under artist. But…I do have her in my library already.

Yes, as I now have added 1 album to my library , I get the same, correct results as you.

Question: do you need to have an album (single,…) in your library to get the correct view?
Is this a bug or expected behaviour?


It’s both I think.

Hi @anon90297517,

This is what shows on my system: Main Albums (11)

See also the Performer/Composer tab. I do not see that tab on your screenshot.

Hi @anon90297517,

We are aware of this issue and we have a ticket open with our team about this. This occurs when an artist exists in your library as a Composer but not as a Performer. In this case, access to the Performer page of the artist is not available. I’ll be sure to keep you updated when a change is made here, but we don’t have any timelines to provide at this time.

Once you add an album from this artist to your library you should see the Performer section become available.

Thanks for the feedback

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