Anne Queffelec is Lacking

Complete Erato Recordings (20 hours), a 2019 release, imports via either Qobuz or TIDAL without composers, and therefore without composition recognition or grouping. Also, no disc numbering is available.

Thirteen tracks are also “unavailable” which seems odd for a classical set: no copyright issues I wouldn’t think.

I sure wish this was a better experience.

Not roon’s fault. The package is not divided by disc at Qobuz - all 312 tracks re reqarded as one disc. The unavailable tracks (there are actually 31 in total) are not available as complete tracks in Qobuz either. I do not know why they are just samples at Qobuz. I don’t have access to Tidal, but I assume it is the same there. I suggest you take your complaint to Qobuz and/or Tidal. I note that the entry at allmusic has no list of tracks and that there is no entry at musicbrainz or discogs. It appears Erato has not provided much metadata for this package.