Annoying Editing problem with a Surface 2 Notebook

The notebook is being used as a remote control (maybe that explains it?) with Windows 10. The editing problem described below just does not occur with this PC which has the core.

Going into Edit of the albumn and attempting to cut (using CNTRL X) a section of the album header. I highlight it but Cntl X has no affect - the highlighting vanishes and it takes another 2 or 3 attempts before that section of text is cut.

If this was a Roon or M/S problem you would think I would have similar problems on this PC so it seems more likely to be a Surface 2 issue although that really makes no sense unless it really is a remote usage issue.

Most editing, and I have done hundreds oif hours of it, is done on this PC but when I see a problem to rectify remotely on the Notebook, I should be just as able to edit there. But not so easy!

Any suggestions appreciated.


Can you show a screenshot of what you are attempting to cut with CNTRL X?

There are actually very few places where you can use CNTRL X/C/V in Roon - the text is generated very differently from how it would be done in for example a web browser or Word…

Here, for example, the only places where these commands will work are inside the text fields highlighted. None of the other text in this window can be accessed using the standard Windows commands.

Thanks for responding and apologies for being slow replying to your request.

I’ve put text in the screenshot explaing what is happening.

Pleasd note I’ve edited hundreds of albums so using the cut and paste options on this PC is a breeze, but not on the Notebook. Why?

Is this the Surface 2 that was first released only with Windows RT and now can run Win 10 for ARM with a manual install? Are you using a hardware keyboard or touch only?

For the Pro 2 I found discussions about stuck keys:

Maybe a hardware issue? Can you try another keyboard? I very much doubt that it’s a software issue with Roon, never read about this before

No, it is a regular notebook with attached keyboard but I’m using an attached mouse. Maybe that is what is causing problems although it is only used for highlighting so could not really cause difficulties - or could it?

I agree it is unlikely to be a Roon problem - maybe the Surface 2 has a hardware problem?

I don’t see how it could unless the mouse or keyboard are somehow dodgy. Would be a weird Roon software issue if it is - one would expect more forum posts. I’d try with a different keyboard and mouse just to rule it out. :man_shrugging:

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