Annoying questions when skipping songs

Every time I skip a track I get that blasted black box with the question of why did I skip. I feel I’m being used as a roon algorithm trainer. Is there anyway to turn that off?


Not that I can see, I agree it is annoying, but then I’m happy to contribute to algorithms. To be honest I soon stop listening to playlists that require a lot of skipping anyway :blush:

I agree, an option to turn it off or just assume skip means “I don’t like this song” would be nice.

I’m just a bit confused about the exact reasons why someone should pick “This doesn’t fit”. :man_shrugging: It’s a pretty vague statement.

How else do you train the algorithm, telepathy?

Roon Radio could not advance without the input. People are happy to slag RR but moan about helping it improve :smiling_imp:

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I’m sure Roon doesn’t want to give details, but it’d be interesting to know more about how it actually works. On the surface it seems reductionist — you can only add negative feedback… there’s no way to suggest songs that might be a perfect fit. Won’t it eventually reduce down to the most popular / familiar tracks that everyone already knows and likes, and the more esoteric picks will get skipped / thumb down and booted off the station?