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Received Email advising that there was a problem with Annual Subscription Renewal.

Logged into my Roon account and found an expired Mastercard was registered

Updated Mastercard details

Roon debited Mastercard $170.51 on Tuesday 3rd May

Account Renewal seems to have brought about the following issue.

I am only able to search/play files from hardrive within Nucleus.
Searching for Artists using the “looking glass” no longer returns Artists that are not on hardrive

Search for Led Zeppelin> not found,
as it is not on hardrive,
unable to play Led Zeppelin
i have streamed this artist before the account renewal

Are you sure that you are logged into your streaming service (Qobuz or Tidal) in Roon? Check in Settings > Services in Roon.

Champion work Geoff !!
That’s all it was.

Thanx a bunch, Craig

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