Another 1.8 fail - not showing the tracks I have played the most

Out of the many things that annoy the hell out of me about 1.8 the most annoying one BY FAR in my book is the replacement of “My Most Played/Fave tracks” with “popular”, I guess someone else’s idea of the best tracks. I DO NOT WANT THIS - I’ve spent years playing tracks through Roon and I want to easily see this, as I used to be able. NOT THIS POPULAR CR*P

WTF Roon? New release that removes very very useful functionality. And to add insult, you force this update down our throats without any warning. I am now having to waste a lot of time making up playlists of my most played tracks by my fave artists - these comprise my test tracks for many purposes, something I could easily access before.

And while I am at it, get rid of the stupid artist circles and that DAMN BRIGHT BLUE rubbish.

Bah, I used to admire the Roon designers. No more.


Without Warning???

This was the most publicized, expected update ever, people were betting on when, the Date was announced

This forum was awash literally with posts anticipating the time let alone the date

If the features don’t satisfy so be it but don’t blame Roon for not advising the update timescale


I do not agree with the postulates expressed by bob_prangnell.
Doig what he ask for would make the software worse and use it difficult.
The program in its current form is much better than the obsoleted and uncomfortable previous version.

You realize that not everyone reads the forum, some ppl have lives…

What adding back feature that they just removed would make it more difficult to use? You are talking nonsense and are not providing any reasons or arguments.

Roon sent out 3 or 4 emails about the new version.

If you didn’t get those, then that’s a problem that can be addressed by @accounts.

Hey @xxx,

Thanks so much for tagging us. I’m glad I get the opportunity to join in.

@bob_prangnell, I’ve just checked your account and it looks like you’re subscribed to our mailing list. It is possible that our emails may have ended up in your Spam/Junk folder - sometimes it happens. If you could add our email address to your contacts it will prevent it in the future.

I’m hoping you can give Roon 1.8 a chance :slightly_smiling_face:


Easy way to get most played tracks:

  1. Go to “My Tracks”
  2. Click gear icon, turn on “Plays”
  3. Sort by Plays
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Sorry to have taken an interest in trying to help, I’ll go back to sleep

Completely misunderstood the problem: On previous Roon, under each Artist page was the list of the most played tracks FROM THIS ARTIST. This has been replaced by the ridiculously bad “Popular”

Oh and Rebeka : I have given it a chance. Perhaps someone can explain what is actually good about 1.8 because I am finding it inferior in every way to 1.7 (btw I have been using roon for a while, I have 77964 plays in my history going back to 2015)

Your original post does not refer to artist pages, just to most played in general. I did not misunderstand – you misdescribed your issue.

“Ridiculously bad” seems a little harsh, but as I’ve mentioned elsewhere we’re working on improving the Popular Tracks list, and hope to have some improvements live soon.

Prior to 1.8, we’d heard countless complaints about these lists not being available for artists that are new to you, or for users that are new to Roon.

That’s the problem we were aiming to solve here but I can appreciate that the tracks you love and listen to regularly may very well be different from what’s popular among Roon users in general. It wasn’t our intention to remove access to that info, so we’re going to try and get something into a future release.

Thanks @bob_prangnell !