Another chapter in Amazon's quest for world domination

Expected. Their big AAA release New World is due in May.

The future of Amazon and the world according to Philip K. Dick:


Yeah, I remember that episode, now that you mention it.

Didn’t the protagonists finally free themselves from the consumer needs supplied by the robotic factories?

Not exactly. The main characters were rebels that already didn’t need the goods that the autofac kept delivering. Much more of the story would be spoilers. I watched the full series of episodes made from his stories and thought this was the best of them all. Maybe others will check it out and the plot twists are worth going in blind for.

It’s on Amazon Prime.

BTW, many already know, but this was written sometime in the 50’s or 60’s when he did the bulk of his writing, including stories that were the basis for The Man in the High Castle, Blade Runner, Minority Report, The Adjustment Bureau, among others.

Another crazy genius. Thank the gods.