Another endpoint suggestion question... Roon Nucleus? Mac Mini? Sotm sms200? or?

Please help me choose between a Roon Nucleus, Mac Mini, Sotm sms200, or other suggestions? I want to connect through USB to a RME adi-2 dac and keep the budget under $1500, but can stretch to $2000 if sonic benefits are significant. Thank you!

Never mind. I think I misunderstood your question.

Something like a nucleus or Mac mini is going to do a different job than a SOTM streamer. The nucleus is meant to be a server that runs Roon core on it. From there you could connect to you DAC via USB. Or you can use wired LAN and stream to something like the SOTM or ultra rendu, and then connect to your DAC via usb. Do you already have a computer or Roon core Server set up? Or do you need a server? Are you going to keep the computer in the same room as your DAC?