Another Metadata Improver issue

Roon Core Machine

Roonserver RS9 Intel Core i7; 8GB RAM; 128 GB SSD system and database drive; 2TB SSD music storage drive

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ATT Fiber Modem => Firewalla Gold => Plume mesh with ethernet from mesh point to ROCK

Connected Audio Devices

Micromega M100 via USB

Library Size

17,649 tracks

Description of Issue

Switched from Mac mini via WiFi to ROCK via ethernet. Nothing else changed. Getting the Metadata Improver warning triangle after multiple reboots. MANY other IoT cameras, Nest, Applt TV, and many other items all working fine in the network. Only this issue. Not sure where to start after rebooting. It shouldn’t seem that I should need to change a bunch of network settings if this is literally the only thing on the network which doesn’t work correctly.
Thanks for any help.

The only thing that worked so far is me posting here :grinning:

Seems to have settled down for now and the error symbol went away. I’ll monitor for a while.

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Hey @Benb,

Thanks for your initial post and for the subsequent update. We appreciate you choosing to let us know when running into issues.

We’ll keep an eye on this thread so that, if you have anything to report, we’ll be here to help :nerd_face:

It is doing it again as of this morning. No amount of re-booting seems to fix it today. Nothing has changed on my side but there was a flurry of reports of issues this morning. Is it on the Roon side? I can reboot and capture log if it helps. VERY frustrating. This should just work.

Thanks for your patience over the weekend, @Benb!

Can you take a look at our article on this here?

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