Another new member

New member here, been reading the forums and thought it time to say hi.
Been steaming wirelessly since 2005 before Spotify was even a thing, most of that time using either squeezebox on an “always on” laptop then a Logitech Media Server running on a NAS after they acquired them. So solved my fair share of network and configuration issues over the years.

I am usually a tinkerer, but have gone with running rock on a NUC for now, as you either pay with time or money, so happy for something that just works with little input from me.

My DAC / main HiFi endpoint is a sim audio MOON 280D, and while their mind controller app (great name) is pretty decent, certainly better that the linn kazoo app Ive also used, it allows you to integrate both Tidal and Qobuz, but you have to switch to search either your local library, or one of the services, can’t do a general search, this is the biggest draw for me to using Roon.

Been running for about a month with no issues whatsoever, but I have a pretty robust home network with managed switches to support VLANs for some home automation stuff. Used to owning the software rather than renting it as SAAS, but really liking the experience so far, so will be here for at least a year until my subscription is up for renewal.
I promise to play nice :smiley:



A friendly hello comes back immediately.


Welcome to the community Graeme.


Welcome to the crazy world of Roon and it’s followers and dissenters.


Welcome and enjoy the music here in Roonworld