Another Playlist Question - Roon export?

I am a very active user of playlists. Over the years I’ve created a large number of playlists for events, moods, family gatherings, etc. which I’ve successfully imported to Roon. I then began creating new PL’s in Roon before I realized that it does not export or “sync” outward very easily. So I’ve just decided to go through the effort of re-creating my Roon PL’s in Tidal and/or Quobuz, so I can play them “on the go”. Is there a simple way to export track lists from a playlist created in Roon? I know I cannot export them to my streaming services, but I was hoping I could at least create a simple text, or xml list by highlighting or selecting the entire list and hitting “export” in order to create a list of tracks. However when I use the “export” function in Roon playlists, it exports a variety of objects…folders, actual song files, an M3u. and a “roonjournal” file. I recognize why these are there, but that’s not what I’m trying to create. I suppose I could take multiple screen shots of my longer lists to serve my purpose, but am hoping I’m missing something. After researching this on the forum, I’ve seen others solve similar issues using services like Soundiiz, but again it seems this is a solution for streaming service to service export…and not Roon “out” to service.
Thanks in advance……

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