Another rant about the new Roon now playing screen

Hi audiophile folks !
Here is another rant about the new Roon GUI (especially the new now playing screen, yes, complaining again…). Here are two screenshots I took from py PC from Plex Media Player now playing screen and from Roon now playing screen of the same track.
First and foremost let us acknowledge Yann Tiersen is fairly well-known in both Plex and Roon databases so what I am about to criticize would not be as obvious for everybody as it is for me.
I LOVED Roon 1.5 now playing screen : it had a real premium feel to it, no matter which unknown album you were listening to this feel was always the same, elegant, simple yet impactful.
Here is what bugs me out : the feel is now way more premium on Plex side (and it’s free) than on Roon (i don’t use to criticize its price but now it gets more and more obvious…). Why do you guys not let people still have a choice ? I reckon things have to change every once in a while but as clients, we deserve to get a choice, I think I deserve to display the album cover in wide if I prefer the now playing screen to look like this, instead of random artist pictures - very often badly framed - if not completely absent.

I LOVE Roon, this brilliant software fills my audiophile needs, but these days I prefer to use Plex, and this is the kind of choice I’d like not to have to be making.

Thank you for your reading !

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