Another Request

Dear Brian:

Here are two more stations for your consideration.

Pasadena, California

KROQ HD2: The ROQ of the 80s
Pasadena, California

Thank you!

They are already there. KROQ and KROQ HD2
Do you not see them?

(You may be affected by a geo-location bug)

I cannot find either station, whether searching for “KROQ” or browsing within the state category. I am enclosing links to three screenshots showing all the stations I see when browsing the California category.




Ok, @RoonUser657932327 let’s try something.
I’ve taken the geo-restriction off KROQ.

Can you see it now?

The main KROQ station appears in my search results and in the California category, but I don’t see KROQ HD2.

I believe Roon’s KROQ station entry is using the secondary HD feed from KROQ HD2: The ROQ of the 80s as the two primary streams instead of the main KROQ radio feed. You may want to create a dedicated entry for KROQ HD2.

Right. That’s because I didn’t take off the flag for that one.
So the geo-restriction bug has hit you. (@dylan take note).

I don’t want to leave the flag off because that station is not supposed to be available to everyone. I propose to put it back on and ask you to add the stations to your my live radio stations.
The streams are
for KROQ HD2

EDIT. Hmm let me look at those KROQ streams…

I set up manual stations in Roon using the links I posted above for the respective KROQ stations. They seem to work for me, at least for now.

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Good. I have changed the .aac stream for KROQ (thank you for the link). I’ll try and find the mp3 stream later.

(The links for KROQ HD2 are OK)

Thank you for your help!

Is there anything I need do on my end to help you address this geo-restriction bug?

No thank you. @dylan is on the case.

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Hi @RoonUser657932327,

Can you try playing this station from the Live Radio directory once more? A change has been made here which should help. If you’re still seeing issues, would you kindly navigate to this site and send me a PM including what you see on that page?


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Hello again @RoonUser657932327 . Roon believes they have fixed the bug. Can you help confirm by telling us if you can see KROQ now please?

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Dear Dylan and Brian:

Both KROQ stations are appearing within the station search results and working within Roon for me. Are there any other stations that you would like me to check for you?

Thank you so much for your help.

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Thank you @RoonUser657932327. I had re-labelled those stations as US only so I’m pleased to receive your confirmation that things are working.

Other users have also indicated that the problem has gone away. Thank you for your offer, but I think we’re OK now.


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