Another roon server in my home

I’m with those who recommend just running Tidal in the bedroom. If the music is played through headphones I’m not clear why a remote is necessary.The source is right at hand. It using a phone for a remote, why not just run Tidal into the DAC from the phone? That’s what I do, with no problems.

Roon is great but it seems like it adds an unnecessary layer of complexity to the process. Favorites are save from Roon to Tidal and vice versa.

In fact, I just order a dac (chord mojo) for running just with phone and tidal.

I wanted Roon there because it’s a great player also (as source) and because Tidal is missing MANY albums that I like.

You may have explained earlier, but why dont you simply add a Roon endpoint such as a Pi in the bedroom? All thats required is a decent network access.
The Mojo works just fine with a Pi as transport by the way! :wink:

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Raspberry Pi, great alternative idea, now i will test the mojo with the two setups and then we will think about it.

You did say that you are using mostly Tidal. If you want access to your local files, you could use Plex to stream from your Windows machine, or an NAS. VLC Streamer is another streaming solution. These would have the added benefit of letting you stream movies too.

I connect to a portable WI-Fi router, the RAVPower FileHub Plus with my travel music on a 256GB flash drive. (The Sandisk iXpand flash drive is a plug in solution. I haven’t tried that) That’s my portable solution. (along with a Dragonfly Red DAC)

Those would be simpler than shutting down and restarting Roon unless you could find an IFTTT recipe.

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To make one thing clear: when you want to switch to another core in the bedroom, and then switch back, there is no need to power off the other core machine. Power management is separate. Power off or not, doesn5 matter.