Another streamer option for the classical buffs

Listening to one of the founders it seems that they are more than willing to interface with other front ends -

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Great service! I especially like the “mood” feature. Sign up on their website instead of Apple App Store for a lower price.

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Definitely still in beta. I tried it yesterday to stream from an in-house NAS and it worked find for about 3 songs and then quit playing. I played the same album from the same NAS via Roon and it played straight through. Also, I don’t understand the limitation for 16/44.1. For streaming, ok but why a restriction for files on an internal NAS?

I stream from an iPad via AirPlay to a wireless network streamer (Lumin). I don’t know how to install IDAGIO on a nas. Hope this link can help —

Idagio has been around a while, it was not gapless, so no go. It would seem from this video that it’s coming soon

I use a Win 10 tablet via USB into my Dac bit messy but works

I subscribed for 3 months but found very little content that I couldn’t find on Tidal that’s fully integrated with Roon

Primephonic is much the same

I’m curious about your thoughts on idagio’s proclaimed strengths being its metadata. I’ve found searching for performances based on composer as opposed to album or “artist” (which, what does that mean when it comes to classical?) a much better way to go.

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The easy way is to sign up for a month and play. The interface is nothing like Roon its based around Composers and Artists

From what i recall its not metadata a la Roon but in house curated stuff

I still get email notifications of new stuff , you can see what its interface is like without a subscription but obviously you can’t stream

I just installed the app, you look around without subscribing to get an idea

I find it is not just search that Idagio does better for Classical. There is just no comparison at all with their recommendations, discovery and playlists. A different league.

But it is a completely different approach to roon. They are reaching out into the professional community, not just journalists but also performers. So you can see the direction they are seeking to take it is blogs and expert curation. The “vibe” is much more like a good Classical music magazine or public service radio station. My guess is they will start integrating live performances as they have the connections into the performer world. Roon is going down the AI and machine learning route instead. The result is that roon services like radio and recommendations are slowly improving but the jury is out.

Maybe roon’s technology is just not prime-time yet, especially if it depends on 3rd party meta-data over which they have little control. Idagio, of course take that problem head on by curating and QA’ing the metadata themselves. Must be expensive so I have reservations about the sustainability but I assume that precisely for that reason they will start selling the data to 3rd parties so we are all going to be using Idagio or a similar service one way or another for Classical anyway.

Idagio doesn’t do streaming/local library integration like roon and hardware integration is very basic in comparison. Personally I have found that much less important than I thought I would and use both Idagio and roon/Qobuz side by side. I feel absolutely no compunction to tag with Idagio which I think is by far it’s greatest selling point. I do enjoy roon/Qobuz for other genres though. I’ve developed a weakness for French Pop for example.