Another Tidal / Roon Search question

Has anyone had an issue with searching in Roon for Tidal albums/tracks and not having them show up - but the same search in Tidal will pull the album/track? As a for instance I have a DL version of The Slow Rush by Tame Impala and a search in Roon will only show my library copy - not the versions available on Tidal. I would have to go in Tidal and add them to my Album list to have it show up in Roon.

Thanks, Gerry

No, I haven’t had that problem. What I see is that my library copy is the top result, but in the album listing, the album is shown with two icons beneath. Here’s an example…

Clicking on that takes me to the album with a versions tab. Clicking on that shows the tidal version as well as mine.

Of course, I could have just gone to the album listing in the first place and clicked on versions. The search step was irrelevant.

If this is not what you see, could you provide a screenshot please?

It’s will display yours as the primary one as local music will always trumps streaming unless it’s a higher res stream. As Brian has said it will likely show the Tidal version under versions unless it’s not licensed for Tidal in your country. I can find it quite easily in UK.

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