Another Unexpected Error

Purchased a Nucleus after the trial period. Have successfully moved the core from desktop to Nucleus.
Now unable to add a network share to the desktop. I assume that is the next chore. The desktop is where all the music is. I have read all the topics and all the support messages concerning Add Network Share.
I have probably not completed all the permutations and combinations of Add Network Share/Username/Password and I don’t know what is going wrong because the error message doesn’t tell you which field the error occurred in.
The Nucleus replaced a Escient MX-111 Fireball in system that looks like this:
Nucleus > USB to Cambridge Audio DAC > RCA to Onkyo Receiver > Two Niles amps > Niles Speaker selectors > In ceiling speakers in 8 rooms controlled by rheostats.

My music is all located in:

Sharing is correctly setup for the MUSIC folder gives a network path of \computer-Name\Music2 (Note the 2)
I have tried that path as well as \\D:\Music and \\Music and D:\MUSIC.

Various user names and passwords including my Windows Hello login, the Roon login and the Microsoft login.

Unless I haven’t hit the right combination I’m at a dead stop.

Also I don’t know what SMB is.



It has had an SSD since installation.

To copy files to the SSD I need to “Add Folder”

Click on “Add Folder” and get “Add Network Share”

Adding network share goes the way described in the original post

Keep in mind, the SSD that runs the OS in a Nucleus, cannot be used to store files. A second drive would need to be installed internally or, and imho a better option, plug in an external USB hard drive (which should be formatted as exFat).

If the goal is to have the Nucleus watch the share drive on your PC (windows) then this guide will help:

If the goal is to copy music from the PC to an secondary internal drive in the Nucleus then this guide would be the one:

If you want to instead go the external USB HD Drive route, then get the drive, format it on the PC to exFAT, copy all the music to it. Plug it into the Nucleus. Go to Storage and enable the drive.


OK. Let me be sure this is correct. The Nucleus comes with an internal SSD that runs the OS, I have installed an internal 2 TB SSD which the Nucleus sees and that is the secondary drive that you mention. Yes, my goal is to copy music from the PC to the secondary SSD then have that folder on the PC as a watched drive and changes to the PC drive would be implemented on the SSD drive without my doing anything.

Is that right? If so I would go to the second to the last article to set it up.

Hi @Jerry_Tate

That’s not quite correct.

You can either move files to the Internal Storage drive on Nucleus, or you can set up a watched folder on the Windows machine, but you don’t want to do both. If you want to copy files to the Nucleus, we have instructions for doing so here:

OK That works. Drag and drop. 10 at a time. What do I do about this:

Let me know if this paste doesn’t work.

It depends on the issue. To fix a bad cover, you would go to the Album, click edit, and then either, choose to use the cover in the file or choose a new cover. If the issue is that an album has also been split, you would first Merge Album and then fix its cover.

One of the important things to remember about transferring files is that you cannot let Roon “see” two copies. And, you really never want to drag and drop onto Roon while it is open.

So, to transfer files, you should turn disable the original storage location, then turn RoonServer OFF via the Web Interface, do all the copying using the file system. Then, when done. Turn RoonServer back on.

Used Re-scan album to work the ones with wrong album art and not in correct album. All of the album art was corrected and tracks were put in the correct album.
I have been unable to get music from the Roon into the house system. PC only. I didn’t do anything but surf the Roon files to find a solution. Without my doing anything (Apparently) music started playing throughout the house. In fact I had 2 outputs going at once. Deleted one f the streams and all seems well but I don’t know what I did.
BTY the DAC I am using is the CA DACMagic 100 which is not Roon ready or Tested. But it works.

When I copied the albums to the internal SSD I did not copy/move the Roon database to the Core. Can I do that now without causing problems as it is where my playlists are? I still have only the 29 albums on the core.

Hey @Jerry_Tate,

I’m sorry that the way Roon works seemed counter-intuitive. I was wondering if you have any update on the remaining 29 albums? :nerd_face: