Another update, another obstacle [Mac Mini 2014 w/ Monterey not updating]

Comon guys this is not funny anymore i am not enough computer savy to change ports, loading my router ISP, so ARC is not working for me, now an update to 2.0 that was a hassle to install , and my core (mac mini 2014 running monterrey latest version) is unable to update, so trouble, and more trouble

Hello, fellow user here. I took the liberty to update the title of your post to indicate what the problem is, and have moved it to the #support area so that Roon’s support team see it.

It would help if you can describe in more detail if there are any error messages when the Mac Mini tries to update.

And how was the update to 2.0 a hassle to install? What were the obstacles and what did you do? Maybe this is connected to its inability to install the additional automatic update.

I suggest to ignore ARC and port forwarding for now and first ensure that everything else is updating and working as it should. After that, this article may help:

And if you then need additional help with the port forwarding, let us know.

I am using a mac mini (2014) running latest version of monterrey, it loads the program and then says that there is an error updating. it was a hassle for me because i recently change coe ( before that y always had used windows, a lenovo laptop) apple uses a disk image rather than an app, so i had to figure out how to eject the disk and the uninstall and reinstall to 2.0.
Now the core does not take the new update and i found another problem, another computer which is an asus desktop is unable to connect to the core , 2.0 recognized the asus but now i cannot find the asus, i had already try to rebooting without success,

As far as I can tell, the update failure of the Core on the Mac Mini should simply not be happening. But I am afraid we will need the Roon support team for this, and their queue is currently a bit long.

Are all your remotes updated to 2.0, including the Asus?

yep they are Ipad pro, an adroid phone both 2.0

And the Asus?

the asus too

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Hi @javier_flores,

In looking at your account I see that the Mac Mini is currently on 2.0. Are you still having issues on your end?


I believe he was saying that he has 2.0 after some trouble, but then it didn’t auto update to a new 2.0 release. Surely best to let @javier_flores speak for himself, but can you check if he has the latest build?

yep i continue with troubles my core simply refuses to install the new update it simply states there is an error cheking the update, the other problem is that does not recognize my desktop ( Asus) , it shows that the program is there but it doesnt appears as and endpoint to play , thank you for your attention

Some screenshots will be really helpful.

You want to hide your email address in the first screenshot

Hi @javier_flores,

What happens when you try my link here? Can you please close Roon and try it?


ok the core updated with your link but my desktop continue without connection to the core .i already disinstalled ,reboot both computer and app to no connection

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