Anthem ARC Room Correction - Any Reviews?

Hi All, was wondering if anyone had any experience with Anthem SRT amps and their included ARC Room Correction.

I don’t have direct experience with the SRT but I have an Anthem MRX520. ARC works very well. I’ve found it more accurate and pleasing to my ears than the lesser versions of Audessey I’ve used over the years. It’s not as ultimately sophisticated as one can get with REW but it only takes a few minutes to run and requires very little/no knowledge or technique vs. REW is a real investment in learning to understand the data gather let alone to make adjustments based on it.

That said, I’ve been very happy with the convolution filters I’ve created in REW for use in Roon DSP.

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Thanks, Larry!

I have an Anthem MRX 720, and set the room correction up one time after purchasing the AVR. Wasn’t overly complicated, but more difficult than the Yamaha Aventage I replaced. My biggest complication was using my Windows based laptop (dedicated imac user :grinning: ) You need a Windows based PC to complete to room correction setup.