Anthem AVM70 / AVM90 Roon Integration Updates (ref#VJXNQK)

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I have been in contact with Anthem many many times the last year or so regarding Roon readiness of AVM70 / AVM90 (their high end processors). They keep telling me (and the rest of the AVM society) that they are working hard on this integration but don’t know when they will be done. But they have stated this for 3 years so we all think that it’s not real. Do you know if there is a collaboration going on with Anthem? I have lost faith in them even though I spent 7k€ on this unit. Thanks

Roon Core Platform

Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK)

Roon Core Specifications

i7 NUC gen 5

Connected Audio Devices

Rookie, Sonos and Anthem AVM70-8k

Home Network Details

Wired. Prof Ubiquity router

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Jesper I can’t answer this as I do not work for either parties, but the same accusations were thrown at Hegel and they eventually came good and once they crossed over the final hump they have moved to deliver for other devices as well.

Anthem are not the only provider who have been promising Roon Ready for several years but I have sympathy for anyone who purchases on a ready soon promise.

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Never buy anything for Roon that’s not already certified, this is what Roon preach. If you don’t you let yourself in for disappointment. Not all vendors come through and drop it completely.

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I can tell you that Anthem has been telling that same lie (i.e. working hard, closing in on it, any day now) for about two years. The kindest thing one might say is that they were fooled by Roon into thinking that becoming Roon Ready was an easy, quick process. I don’t believe that for a minute.

To sum up this rant, don’t buy Anthem, or any kit, based on a feature “coming soon”. It seldom is (coming soon).


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