Antipodes DX - New hardware, New software: Roon SQ?

The recently introduced Antipodes 2 Linux-type operating system now integrates Roon Server and RoonReady, to be demonstrated in Munich 5th to 8th.
Their homepage now claims “by far the best sound we have ever heard” using “One of the direct methods”, tantalisingly not disclosing which of four connection alternatives this refers to.

  • Anyone listened via Roon and Antipodes DX yet?
  • And tried Toslink?
    [My vested interest in Toslink is because of a pair of active speakers with Toslink in; the PS Audio DirectStream handles Toslink better than other DACs I have comeback across (and I won’t buy their Bridge until it works well with Roon); Antipodes promised improved Toslink output for their latest version of the DX.]
  • How many songs/albums could the latest h/w (w/max SSD) and s/w cope with if a reasonably snappy user experience can be expected?
    [Last year’s DX sported an Atom quad-core with 4 GB RAM]

Antipodes report two outstanding issues when daring to use both Roon Core and RoonReady in one box (their well-regarded DX server) as shown in Munich last week, using a version of Linux called Antipodes 2.

  • Any hope of a solution from Roon?

The first issue is not a Roon issue, but rather an issue of the Antipodes being underpowered to cope with concurrent streaming and audio analysis.

As it would appear is the second, it appears to be a question of resource availability/allocation rather than a Roon issue.

Whilst Roon Server and Roon Bridge can coexist on the same machine if you’re running RonSrfvef there’s no need to also run Roon Bridge.

Rather opportunistic of Antipodes to lay the blame at Roon’s feet.

I’m now using Roon server / Roon ready combo on my upgraded Antipodes DXe and sound is really stunning without any playback issues. Looks like Roon build 147 sorted out any issues.