Antipodes Server: Where Are CDs Ripped To?

I’m a new user that just started my trial today. It’s very hard to navigate through Roon. I can’t locate CD that I ripped, I don’t understand how to stop a CD from playing, I want to clear my Tidal playlist and can’t. My music server is a Antipodes DS DX and I can’t find CD’s that I just ripped. Please help!

How do I import CDs that I ripped on my Antipodes music server?

Please read here:

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This isn’t helping. Can someone just answer my question? Where are my CDs that I ripped on my Antipodes GS GT music server? I can search for them, but I want to know if there in a folder. If they aren’t in a folder, how do I set-up Roon to put every CD I rip into a folder?

This is a question for Antipodes.

I’m not sure how ripping works on that server since stock Roon doesn’t include CD ripping, but maybe @Tony_Devitt can help.

Information about importing music is here.

The Antipodes Music Server Reference Guide (page 7) appears relevant. I don’t have an Antipodes so can’t confirm.

Hi @Richard_DeHonnry,

Your CDs are ripped, by default, to the /storage/music/flac folder on the Antipodes hard drive. In Roon Remote Settings/Storage this folder is represented as ‘Music Folder’, for example:

This folder is automatically scanned by Roon, its contents are included in the Roon album display, and the accompanying metadata stored in your Roon database. Newly scanned CDs will be scanned in promptly by Roon and you can click ‘Force Rescan’ if you think it necessary:

If you need more detailed information you can email me at The ripping activity itself is not done using Roon software.

I understand newly scanned CDs are stored in the “Music Folder”. I can find them via a search. My question is, is there a way to separate my ripped CDs from everything else? In others words, how do I create a folder that has the CDs I rip in them, so I can just select the CD that I want to play. I can sort by date added and it shows the CDs that I ripped, but it also shows a lot of other CDs and I don’t understand where they came from. I simply want a way to “ONLY” see the CDs that I rip. There are CDs that are marked as new that I didn’t rip

Another question, how do I stop a CD from playing or is pausing the only option, because I don’t see a stop button?

I’m thinking that when you set up your Tidal account, you added Tidal collections to your library without realising it - so there’s a whole bunch of Tidal albums now present in your library. Is this the case?

Hi @Richard_DeHonnry,

As far as Roon is concerned you have a music library which comprises material, potentially from from a number of sources, for example:

:and as @Geoff_Coupe points out, Tidal albums that you may have added.

The …/flac folder on the Antipodes hard drive probably includes demo tracks loaded by Antipodes. You can access this folder in Windows File Explorer or Finder to remove these tracks. You can then use Roon Albums/Focus/Inspector/Storage Locations to restrict the displayed albums to just ‘Music Library’:

Only your ripped CDs should then be displayed.


@Richard_DeHonnry – you can also set up a bookmark, so it’s easy to find this view in the future.

More information here.

Hi Richard,
The Antipodes comes with a bunch of pre-loaded CDs, from the factory. You can delete these if you want to but some of it is stuff I like so I left them. They will appear in Roon as will all of your Tidal favourites if you’re using that.
You can access these through your network settings.
If like me, you struggled a bit, the Antipodes guys can remotely set up everything for you and can answer questions in real time.

I was looking for this the other day. I wanted to refer someone to it. Didn’t it used to be pinned?

To my understanding it is but if you have it unpin it will fall with the regular topics.